Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Redmi @ SGD169

Bought this baby at price SGD169 from www.xiaomi.com/sg
Delivery was quite fast, it's about 5days after my purchase from the website. 
The phone can be consider as lower specs phone with only 4GB storage, after the OS, left about 2GB for apps installation and others. But you can have the sd card storage up to 32GB.
The phone come with 2 SIM card slot with first slot is 3G and second as 2G network. It's kind of useful and with the price, nice to get one as backup phone when you travel around. With quad core 1.5Ghz with RAM 1GB and 4 GB ROM, the phone served me well for simple surfing and gaming, texting and abit of calling. 
Overall I am quite satisfy with the phone.
Get the full phone specs here :http://www.xiaomi.com/sg/redmi/#Specs
Want to buy the phone?! Refer their website here:http://www.xiaomi.com/sg/


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