Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Redmi @ SGD169

Bought this baby at price SGD169 from www.xiaomi.com/sg
Delivery was quite fast, it's about 5days after my purchase from the website. 
The phone can be consider as lower specs phone with only 4GB storage, after the OS, left about 2GB for apps installation and others. But you can have the sd card storage up to 32GB.
The phone come with 2 SIM card slot with first slot is 3G and second as 2G network. It's kind of useful and with the price, nice to get one as backup phone when you travel around. With quad core 1.5Ghz with RAM 1GB and 4 GB ROM, the phone served me well for simple surfing and gaming, texting and abit of calling. 
Overall I am quite satisfy with the phone.
Get the full phone specs here :http://www.xiaomi.com/sg/redmi/#Specs
Want to buy the phone?! Refer their website here:http://www.xiaomi.com/sg/

Saturday, April 12, 2014

How to check your Redmi/xiaomi delivery status

You feel lucky as you had successfully beat the others with the fast click using the xiaomi website http://www.xiaomi.com/sg/ and purchase a cheap 3G phone redmi with only SGD169.
Now whats next? hunt for the accessories for your redmi? casing, screen protector and what else? Now the only left is waiting for the delivery.
From their website under the shipping FAQ, they mentioned that the delivery will be either using UPS or FedEx services.
I login to my redmi account and click on order status, its showing me a track number and stated to track your item please go UPS. But when I went to UPS.com(http://www.ups.com/WebTracking/track?loc=en_US), it prompt me wrong tracking number. Tried few times but still failed. Finally I decided to try FedEx(https://www.fedex.com/fedextrack/) and I got my shipping status.

Now whats next? why not try to call the hotline. So I did for fedex calling the free toll 1800-743-2626. I am surprise there is a selection, 'To check your xiaomi delivery, please press 5' and I did, input in the track number and bingo, your item status update read out loud for you.

You can see how big is the market for redMi is in Singapore where FedEx has this customize for them.

Here is another place where you can get your shipping information for the xiaomi. (xiaomi Shipping FAQ)


RedMi Order Status

FedEx delivery