Sunday, January 12, 2014

Short Cut key for windows mac OS and Linux (Gnome).

I am a newbie to the mac OS. Bought a macbook air 11" about a month a go. Reason being, its light weight and easy to carry around. Bought it where and how much? well, thats not todays topic.
I would like to share with you, how suffer I am having the macbook air especially I am a keyboard person.
I am so use to the windows OS, where I don't remember what is the combination of the key but when I put my fingers on the keyboard, everything is so easy for me. Go to address bar, alt + d, copy, ctrl + c, paste , ctrl + v, find is ctrl + f etc. But with the macOS, i have to scratch my head over and over again and use the touch pad more that i ever expected to select the menu instead of short cut key.
Tried to google around and finally saw something from wikipedia.Thanks to all the contributor. They just simply awesome.

Here is the link to share with everyone. LINK