Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Changing Suunto mini shoe pod battery

Here is the steps changing the suunto mini shoe pod battery. 
The battery type using by the suunto shoe pod is CR2032, I bought it with price sgd4.60 from Hone-Fix Singapore (2 pieces). 
The original battery using by the shoe pod is from Panasonic. I was thinking to get Sony brand but in the home fix they only selling Energizer brand.
My shoe pod been out of battery for quite sometime, sending to the service centre is too hassle and time consume so I decide to try change it by myself. The DIY is much easier than I expected. 
Here's the steps:
1) twist the back to open the battery cap.
2) removed the cap, the battery will be coming out together with the cap.
3) removed the battery.
4) get a new battery and put it into the cap. 
5) close it and twist to lock it.
6) time for pairing (this pairing can be skip if the watch able to detect the shoe pod).  Go to Setting by holding the next button(the middle button). Go to the last step 8/8 pairing.
7) select shoe pod.
8) pair the shoe pod and it will be showing paired. You can exit the setting and remember to save the setting.
9) now just select one of the activities, make sure that the activity you select need shoe pod.(example: running), the watch will detect the shoe pod and show shoe pod found and its done. You are ready to go for your next activities. 
Hope this helps. Enjoy your workout!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ez link iPhone apps

Have you ever experience you lost your ez link card? How many will really write down your card number and able to report lost of the card and get the value refunded? 
How to track the transactions or ride and check back is there any double deductions or fare deduct wrongly?
Well, now you can do so. Just install the iPhone apps of ez link, registered for an account, then you can registered up to 3 ez link cards with the account. You can view your transaction history or even report your lost card. Isn't that great?
To secure your cards and to check the transactions. 
I find this apps is quite useful for me to track my mums card transaction as I link up her card with giro topup. In case she lost the card, I am able to report the card lost and check the topup transactions as well.  
But the cons part is, the connections to servers take quite some time for loading and the application UI not yet supported for iphone5. 
Give the apps a try. Hope it really helps u.