Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Plant vs Zombie in Chinese, iphone games

Plant vs Zombie is a game from PopGame and its not free. I downloaded the new version Chinese Traditional yesterday for version 1.0.0 and the game got locked up at level 1-4, requested to purchase the apps in order to proceed. I did not pay for it although i like this games a lot.
Today, they launched another version 1.0.1 and guess what? its free. They unlock all the version and now you can play like crazy.
For those who already paid for the apps, well, you can get the 500 game coins as the refund.
Plant vs Zombie and its free - Chinese traditional

Cash out in phewtick, its real

Today I finally received an email from phewtick mentioning about cash credit into my paypal account. So, I went in paypal and check. The company credited 2040Yen, but seems currently the exchanged rate from Japanese Yen to Singapore Dollar is slightly dropped to 0.013, hence I only got SGD27.05 in my account.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

How to download training program into your Suunto Watch

Here I would like to show you how to get the training program from and download into your watch. [Please make sure the model of your watch are able to support this]. 

1) Make sure the training program is turn on. Go to 'Private > Gear>General Setting' or you can set this in your watch and sync it to your movescount.

2) Login to and go to 'Community>Get Stuff>Training Program"

3) Find a training program you want and click on the link. Movescount will bring you to the details of the training program, click on the 'Save' button to save the training program.

4) Go back to 'Private>Tools>Training Program Planner', you will be able to see all the 'Save' training program in the left hand side list.

5) Click on the training program. For this case is the 'Finish the Half Marathon' and movescount will bring you to the details on the training. Now, click on the 'Add to my planned moves' or 'Create copy'. For create copy, meaning you are creating the same training program and you can make some adjustment accordingly before loaded into your device(watch). For the 'Add to my planned moves', this will add the moves into your training program.

 6) For this case, I click on the 'Add to my planned moves' and the screen prompt me to confirm and it will clear my training calendar from week 3 till 14. Today is 26 Jan 2013, so its week 3 and the training program I picked is 12 weeks, so it will load from week 3 to 14 for this training program that I picked. Just click 'Add' to confirm.

7) So now the screen bring you back to 'Private>Tools>Training Program Planner' and you are able to see the training program loaded into your calendar plan.

8) Now, just go to your watch and select 'Web connect', the watch will connect to your and started to download the training program and its done.  Happy Training !!!

How to calibrate suunto Quest > Here
How to export map from runkeeper and import into >Here

Friday, January 25, 2013

Phewtick new upgrade with contest points

Today phewtick released something. Finally they come out with something. Selling more advertisement. They finally release the new version that they mentioned will have bonus points and asking your help to download the apps in the advertisement etc.
For the bonus point, you need to scan and move to different level under a certain timeframe. After that, they will distribute the points equally. The points may change time to time due to number of player who reach that level.
For iOS the version should be 3.2.3
For android the version should be 2.1.4
Happy scanning.

Phewtick UpdatePhewtick Update

Phewtick UpdatePhewtick Update

Phewtick contestPhewtick contestPhewtick contest

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Step by step how to cash out phewtick with paypal acocunt?

This post is mainly to show you step by step how to cash out from phewtick.

Phewtick step by step cash out
Step 1: make sure your point hitting the point that you are able to cash out. For this case, the minimum point is 24,000. Click on the 'Cash Out' and this will bring you to the next screen.

Phewtick step by step cash out
Step 2: there will be only available option showing in this screen. For this case, only 24,000 or SGD 28.76 are available for cash out selection. (*note: for Singapore, 10 points will be SGD0.0141) (24000/10)*0.141 = 33.84. After 15% commission deduction, final amount will be SGD28.76.

Phewtick step by step cash out
Step 3: Enter the paypal email address and click 'confirm the application.

Phewtick step by step cash out
 Step 4: After that, a confirmation as screenshot beside will show, just ensure the paypal email address is correct and click on 'Complete the application'

Phewtick step by step cash out
Now the screen will be showing the procedure has been complated and they need 10 days to perform the operation. At the same time, an email will be send to you regarding to this.

Phewtick step by step cash outNow, when you go back to the point view screen, you will see the current total points had been deducted the 24,000 points.

Happy Scanning!!!

p/s: blogger do not take any responsible on the phewtick apps or cash out issue and blogger also do not know phewtick is a scam or not.  Always check with phewtick FAQ for further assistance.


Is phewtick real?!
I am not sure but thinking to test this out. Finally after two weeks struggle, reached 24,000 points now and able to proceed to make the request for cash off.
Just key in your Paypal email account, then go to select the amount of points and proceed and confirm. Popup message saying they will take 10 days to process. Well, seems I am only to know is it a scan or not after 10 days.