Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How to put Gregory Sungem with Source Clear Hydration Bladder

Here I would like to share with all how to put the Source Hydration bladder in Gregory Sungem. I am not sure what I did is correct or not as there is no user manual of picture provided. I just figure this out by my own.
Below is the photo for sharing.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Restaurant, Build Special Stove

Would like to share with all on this. The Restaurant game from TeamLava come out with building the special stove. In order to get the material for the special stove, you can either ask friends help to send you the items needed or get the items using the green diamond. (the diamond can be purchase using real money or by achieving some level in cooking skills in the games). 
I always get frustrated as I dont know which items needed to build the special stove. Here are some screenshot to share, if you wish to build the stove, you can refer the material needed. In the game, you only can view the material list once you purchase the stove and your game 'money' gone.

Happy Gaming !!!
Drink Machine material, Restaurant Story

Easy Stove material, Restaurant Story

Fire Pit Grill Stove material, Restaurant Story

Easy Oven material, Restaurant Story

Monster Oven material, Restaurant Story

Witch's Stove material, Restaurant Story

Sushi Counter material, Restaurant Story