Friday, November 30, 2012

How to verify your site in Norton Safe Web step by step

This is a drill in step from my previous post on how to verify your website so that it will show as 'ok' in the search link. As mentioned in my previous post, you need to have a account first. So just register an account in Norton Safe web.

 Step 1: Click on the 'Add Site' in the bottom of the 'Site Dispute' page under your profile. A popup as screenshot will be shown. Enter the URL of your site and click on 'Submit'

 Step 2: After submit, click on 'Verify Your Site', the meta tag expanded and you can get the meta tag, and steps to guide you through. You just need to copy the meta tag and leave this page here. The meta tag need to insert into your blog template under the head tag.

 Step 3: Open a new browser and login to blogger. Go to Template and click on 'Edit HTML'.

 Step 4: The blogger blog template are default, to be safe, remember to save a copy of the template in your local drive, in case any problem with the adding tag later, you still can recover the template anytime. When you see the warning message like screenshot, just click on button 'Proceed'. (*Again, remember to save a copy of template before you edit)

 Step 5: The HTML code of the template will show. Check on the 'Expand Widget Template' (this is to see all the tag and widget in your teamplate). Next, just use CTRL+F or find and key in '</head>' to get the head tag from your blog template. (you can either find for <head> or </head>). Paste the meta tag that you 'copy' from the Norton Web just now (from step 2) and paste it in heads tag. (note: If you search for <head> make sure you paste it after <head>, if you search for </head>, make sure you paste the meta tag before </head>.  Then click on 'Save Template'

Step 6: To ensure the new edited template still function accordingly, open a new browser and put in your blog url. Then check is your blog display accordingly  if not, you can recover the template using the save copy  from step 4. After that, go back to the Norton Web screen where you leave it on Step 2, click on the button 'Verify Now', a reminder popup will ask you have you place the meta tag in your browser template, just click 'Yes' to proceed. 

Step7: Go back to the 'Site Dispute'  and in the action column, you should able to see 'Rate my site', 'Remove site from my profile' etc.. Just click on Rate my site and your URL are submitted  for evaluation. After Norton evaluate it, whenever the search take place, your site will have a small ok  like this and its done.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Norton Safe web, How to get your site showing Norton Safe ok, step by step

Ever wonder in search, why sometime showing a small ok button in the link if you have Norton web antivirus installed? The tiny ok button suppose to inform you which site is safe to visit and which is not. By default, it will show a ? icon. If you are the webmaster, just click on the link and register an account there, insert your website url for verification and just follow the steps.
Its simple and it took less than 20 mins
 Wondering why some site showing 'OK'?

norton safe web
 click on the site owner to register account and get the step by step guide provided by norton
[details are here=web site ownership verification]

register an account and follow the steps to insert your url. There will generate some code where you need to input in your site template header.

The site will be showing 'OK' site is safe after Norton verify your site.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Zombie cafe update v1.2.3

Recently I kept encounter apps crashing issues. After turn off the cellular data and tried all the possible options still, the apps was not able to launch.
Saw there was an update this morning. V1.2.3 on 1 Nov 2012.
Hope that this will solve my problem as finally I hit level 42 and had my favorite alien and ninja.. Cross my fingers and pray the new update able to be more stable.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Movescount Update on 30 Oct 2012

Movescount was down for upgrade. So whats so special? well, they mentioned both in facebook [Movescount in FB] and twitter @Movescount that they are going to give Quest user something. WoW, finally, its quest turns.
Whats new? The EPOC and VO2 chart. 
After you login to your movescount account, just scrolldown, under the body sections, you will be able to see the selections of both the EPOC and VO2 in the chart and if you expand the show details under the split time, you will be able to see the EPOC and VO2 reading in all the split time and summary. Thats really awesome. 
For Suunto Quest, the watch does not come with any extra device to detect your Oxygen intake so I believe the reading will be calculated base on your moves and heartbeat. Although its just an estimation but this definitely a good feature for Quest user to check and track their training.
What is VO2 max? check out here WIKIPEDIA
What is EPOC? check out here WIKIPEDIA
Here also some white papers for your reference. [Details]

Happy Running !!
EPOC and VO2 Chart in Movecounts for Suunto Quest

Split time for Movescount