Sunday, September 2, 2012

How to export map from runkeeper and import to movescount (Suunto)

Step 1
1) Login to your runkeeper, go to Activities, select the specific activities and scroll down. Click on `Advanced Option` (shown in screenshot) and select to export as GPX or Google Earth. (For, only *.kml format accepted which means you need to select `Google Earth` format.

Step 2
2)Double check on your downloaded 
files in *.kml format.

Step 3 - 5
    3) Go to and login to your account.

    4) Go to Private>Tools to import your map. 
    5) Input a name for the map and scroll down until `Import route` section and click on the `Browse` button to select the map which you had just downloaded from runkeeper.
*Take note, if you wish not to share the map, remember to set the privacy to `Private`, default of the setting will be `Public`

Final Step 6) Now go to Private>My moves, click on `Edit Move` button for particular move and scroll down until `Speed & distance` section. Click `Select route` and select the route you had just created. The map will be loaded and just click `Save` to save the settings.

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