Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wooden Cube 3x3 - Solutions

How to solve the snake wooden cube 3x3. Here is the video to solve this.
snake cube 3x3

Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to solve Zombie Café v1.1.8 crashing problem?

 What am I busy with recently? This old green rich man. Iphone Apps, Zombie Cafe. Just updated to the latest version, v1.1.8 on 8 Jun 2012. Everything looks ok after the upgrade and I keep on playing this until yesterday. The apps keep crashing. At first I thought that is the others applications causing this. So I killed all the running application but this does not solve my issues. Then I tried reboot my handphone. Some how it works (temporary).
This morning, while I launched the apps, it crashed again. After the handphone reboot, this does not solve it. I tried few times restarting my iphone but the crashing problem still exist. I went to the appstore and leave a comments. Saw there are quite a number of comments mentioning this v1.1.8 crashing. So I left a comments too, hope that they will solve this issues asap.
Whats next? my cooking of cause. My 'Puking Duck' (one of the dish from the recipe in the games).. When they will be going to fix this crashing issues. If they never solve it on time, all my cooking will be ruined and my long hours cooking 'Puking Duck' got to recook? My friends advise me to redownload the apps and I refused to do that as this may clear off all my levels and I got to start all over again!! No way. So I tried to do a simple try-n-error here. I realized that some time the apps crashed when try to load the program (first launch), sometime is in the main page while loading for the saved games and sometime just reach the main page while loading for the advertisement message on the top bar, the apps crashed. Since the reboot is not helping, I start to turn things on and off. I tried the cellular data button. (Go to setting>General>Network and turn off the cellular data). After that, launch the apps. It works !!! I keep observed this. As long as the apps crashed, I will turn off my cellular data and relaunch the apps and I can start to play the games. (Hurray!!).
I am not sure why the crashing problem in my phone be able to solve with this. Maybe its due to the weak signal. But still I hope that the apps owner will fix this issues asap but by the mean time, I just need to put in extra steps to turn on and off my cellular data.
Does this method solve your problem?
Happy gaming!!

Summary of the Steps:
1) Go to setting>General>Network and turn off the cellular data
2) Launch the apps
3) Go back to the setting and turn on the cellular data back.
4) maximize the apps and continue play :D

Monday, June 18, 2012

World without Meebo !!! No way.

To be honest, Meebo always my favourite compare to ebuddy in my ipad/iphone or even my laptop.  As when I login and saw the message, I was totally shock. The next question, which one will I be using after the 11 JULY 2012? Ebuddy? No way.
As I had some friends in MSN, some in google and some in yahoo. The application which has the ability to allow me to login all account in one time is always my top list of application searching.
I used both meebo and ebuddy for quite some time and still I prefer the meebo due to the stability. Ebuddy, somehow, the application keep crashing in my iphone and ipad and the message sequence always mess up when the network is low (especially in the subway or underground).
Google had just bought over meebo around June 2012.  So fast they are shutting it down .. 
To download your chat history, visit . To delete your meebo account, visit
I just activate to get my account deleted. Really sad that I have to let my meebo account go. Why acquire Meebo and shutting it down? Is it because Google want to focus on the Google+ and get the team from Meebo to fit in? 
Still, I feel sad with the news. But really wish that Google+ can come out with something better with the team as I am one of the Google+ fans as well.

Shutting down meebo

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Why My Naked Domain showing 404?

Today I would like to share with all of you. How to redirect the naked domain using the google Apps.

If you happen to register the domain name for your blog using the blogspot through google checkout. Have you try to access the naked domain name that you had just registered?
I encounter http 404, page cannot be found like screenshot below.
http 404 page cannot be found

How to solve this? Follow the steps below
1) Login to the Google Apps using this url<your domain>.com
2) Go to Domain Setting>Domain Name, scroll down and you will be able to see 'Redirect your naked domain' at the bottom. 
Redirect naked domain
3) Click on the blue link 'Redirect your naked domain' and you will be able to see 'change how your naked domain (your domain url) is redirected.' the url will default to your registered domain, www.<your registered domain>.com. Just click 'Save Changes'.
set naked domain redirect

4) Now you will be able to see the redirect of the naked domain shown in the Domain Setting>Domain Name (refer image below, the box).
set naked domain redirect
5) Now you just need to open a browser and enter the naked domain http://<your domain>.com without the 'www' in prefix and hit enter. The page should be redirect to http"//www.<your domain>.com and yes, we are done !!!

Happy blogging !!!

What is Naked Domain?

What is naked domain?
Naked domain is a domain name without the "WWW" in the front of the url (prefix).
For this technology blog I have, my registered domain is "" (non-naked).
For the naked domain, the url will be ""

Monday, June 4, 2012

Feedburner feeds not updating for Blogspot

Recently after updated one of my main blog (, I realized that the bloglist from my other blogs which pointed to this was not updated accordingly. (Still showing the old post I'd posted a week ago). So, I went to google and search for my new post, the result only showing my main url instead of post and I know, must be my feedburner having some issues.
After about 30 mins troubleshooting. Finally, the issues was resolved. For my feedburner issues is not only one but a few.
Here I would like to share with all my troubleshooting steps, hope this help to solve your problem.

a) Ping feedburner
1) This is to force the feed update for your blog. 
2) Login to feedburner, go to troubleshooting and click on 'ping feedburner' or you can access using this url
3) Enter your blog url and click lon the button, 'ping feedburner' and the page will be showing 'Successfully pinged' in green on top.
4) Go to the bloglist on the other blog and click refresh or go to the google search and search for the post you search previously (which is not shown as desired).
5) If this step still not work, you have to proceed to the next one. Feed validation.
*Note: Most of the blog suggest to verify using the feedburner url and mentioned that if the post shows there means its burn successfully. But for my case, the feedburner url showing accordingly but not in bloglist or other search engines.

Feedburner troubleshooting
Ping feedburner
b) FeedValidation
1) When I click on the 'Original feed validity' or 'feedburner feed validity', both showing me a list of errorss (as sceenshot below). showing me 'undefined item element: georss featurename'. Of cause I have no idea what is this, but from the keywords, I realized that was what I use for the post locations tag.
2) So I login to the blogger, go to the particular post and remove the location tag from the post. Save and republish the post. Then I go back to feedburner and again 'ping the feedburner' and 'validate the feedburner feed again and I realized this work, the error is gone.
3) Then I go back to my blogger and remove all the locations tag.
undefined item element: georss:featurename, feedburner feed validity
C) The bloddy 512k
1) After all the above chaos, my feed still not working. Why? When I direct accessing my feed, it is able to show accordingly. (That fix the the feedvalidation). When I go search, the article able to show accordingly (the correct url link pointed to the post). But why not the bloglist?
2) So I follow the 512k suggestion, login to the feedburner again, go to 'edit feed details' and under the original feed, add in the 'max-results=??' in the end of the feed, where ?? = number, I put 5 for my case.
Note: My original feed url have the alt=rss like this http://<blog url>/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss hence I just amended to this by adding the max-results=5 in front of the url.
3) I have no patient to wait for the feedburner to crawl so again I use the 'ping feedburner' to force update and after that go to my other blog and check on the bloglist. Hurray !! it works.

Hope this post can help you to solve your feed issue. Good luck.

Saturday, June 2, 2012 redirect to redirect to, LifeTechYesterday morning, while I was doing my routine checked on my blog displayed, I saw some widget on my blog showing 'Invalid domain name'
What?! Invalid? I checked on the name using the small google search app, the app unable to show me the URL in full.
So I decided to use the safari and copy my blog URL to iPhone notes. (I was on my way traveling, everything has to be done with the small iPhone screen).
Then I realized the URL redirected to wow, that is a big change.
The second thing I do, checked my email is there any announcement from blogger sent to my email? Nothing on that day. So I quickly dropped an email to the person who provide me the widget an update my URL accordingly.
This is really a huge change and I was so shocked that I did not received anything from blogger.
For all the Singapore blogger using blogspot, remember to update the URL accordingly. For the rss feed automatically provided by the blogspot itself, I think there were no update needed as it should automatically update. But if you are running some third party widget, you need to double check your widget and of needed, update accordingly.
Well, for such case, again shows that owning your own domain name really save you a lots of work. I am thinking to buy one for this blog after this incident.
Any other places except sg affected? Not sure for now. If you encounter the same issue, feel free to share here
Happy blogging